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Telecoms Systems and Services

Britelec offer complete telecoms systems and services.

Whether you are looking for an alternative to your expensive leased lines Mpls circuits or SDSL or an inexpensive back up for fall over, a complete managed WAN with redundancy.

Telephone Systems

There is no set product or service that suits everyone and I urge you to be cautionary of anyone who says optherwise, unlike some we won't try and sell you what we want, instead we'll talk to you about your organisation and discuss your needs and options, then after this free no-obligation consultation we shall suggest a type of service that really suits your requirements. This might be VOIP, Hybrid, Hosted, Digital or Analouge and we'll explain why we think that but the final decision will of course be yours.

So what is a telephone system, what does it do and why do I need one?

Telephone systems are required whenever there is a need in a business to have calls on multiple lines and the ability to transfer these calls to others in the organisation. These days the system might not even be at your site but hosted somewhere else without you having to fund major upfront system purchase pricing and maintenance fees.

Line Types

PSTN (like your home line) ISDN2/30 Digital lines. SIP trunks over the broadband giving low costs and great flexibility. Please cllick here to see our Ingatestone Primary School case study.


The phones on the system are referred to as extensions. Extensions can be connected to the system via different interfaces; a desktop phone in a variety of shapes sizes prices and features, walkabout phones with either local or whole site and multiple site roaming capability. P.C/Laptop interface via a USB handset or Headset and on screen software programme. Even your smart mobile phone can act as an extension on the system so you can receive free internal calls wherever you are in the world via the internet. We supply wired and wireless headsets that can be used on any of these set ups.


Direct Dial In, give certain people or groups a DDI and the calls will ring their extension directly instead of going via reception, great for getting hold of the specific person you are after and freeing up the receptionist to take other calls.

Door Entry

No need to get up and walk over to the door phone, extend the use of the telephone system to have a door operating system integrated into it, ringing on specified extensions and allowing direct communication to the person a the door and giving 1 button access. We can also incorporate the CCTV so you can see who is there on your screen.


Transfer a call to a colleague on the same site, different site, home worker or mobile phone user. Call Forward: Forward calls to anywhere; different departments, buildings, countries, sites, users, extensions, voicemail, mobile phones, P.A. Call forward when busy on the phone, or after a certain amount of ringing time or if on DND.

Hunt Groups

Route calls to various departments autonomously or via caller interface, have extensions in those departments ring dependent on required criteria - least called, proffered first, sequential, round robin, all ring. Have multi-tiered hunt groups that overflow department’s calls to other departments in order to ensure rapid customer communication handling.


When a caller rings, whose details are stored in your database, the information will be communicated from the telephone system to the database software to “pop” the caller’s records on screen, giving a personal, knowledgeable reflection of your company to your customers / prospects.

Operator console on P.C

Enhance your call handling staffs abilities with touch screen drag and drop call handling, monitored graphical status display of users’ telephones, busy lamp field and LCD status.

Auto Attendant

Either 24/7 or at selected times,– whatever suits your business needs. Have callers direct their own calls to the correct departments via interactive voice response, directory searching, option response or welcoming company message. This can be on all calls or just on certain numbers whatever suits your organisation best.

Music on Hold / Message on Hold

Have a choice of music on hold / message on hold – either generic or customised to suit your business. Varying messages can be used for various department’s needs.


Company day message, company night message, individual user messages, departmental messages, informational messages, and junk mailboxes for quick distribution of time wasting calls. Voicemails can be accessed /distributed with a variety of methods such as – a message button on handsets, e-mail notification and message attachment to any mailbox worldwide, ringing of specific handsets / hunt groups / mobile phones, SMS alert and remote dial in access.

Time Dependent Calling

Calls to different geographical locations based on local time and staffing levels.

Manager Secretary

Have calls filtered and handled via a P.A/ Secretary pool for specific staff members.

Caller I.D.

Have calls on certain numbers to ring certain extensions, have certain callers out display a certain number for callers to ring back on. Multi-Tenant / Company Solutions: Using the caller display interface your staff can answer with the correct name and department. DND: Have certain staff able to place their extension on Do Not Disturb so they are not interrupted during meetings or when trying to complete tasks to time.

Call Pickup

Use a button on your phone to answer calls ringing on an empty desk.


Have one or various staff able to use the phones as an announcement system to page a staff member or alert of an occurrence.

Pick up and Move

With VOIP handsets when a user moves locations there is no need for any external resource requirement, simply plug it back into the network and its up and running with the correct number and features etc.

Any Number

If your client base or targeted area is in one area code but you are in another then we can supply you with the required numbers to make your business appear to be from the required area. 0161 0207 0121 or any other required area code is possible.

National Numbers

With 0800 0844 0845 0870 0871 numbers you can give your company a national presence and with some of these numbers you can earn money back when called.

Premium numbers

For PAYG support contracts premium numbers can be set up with tariffs between 25p and £2.00 per minute +.

Telephone Services

We work with a number of first class providers enabling us to cherry pick the most suitable products and services for you.

Services include:

  • Lines
  • Provision of business telephone lines and telephone calls
  • Data Connectivity
  • Fibre Broadband for Business
  • Ethernet First Mile
  • ADSL Broadband for business
  • Bonded DSL
  • MPLS Networks
  • VoIP
  • SIP Trunks
  • Hosted VoIP
  • VoIP for Homeworkers
  • VoIP Mobile Office
  • VoIP CRM Integration

Mobile Solutions

Through our partners we can supply mobile voice and data products from all of the major networks; O2, T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, plus the provision of network independent advice.

Telecom Cost Reduction

FREE Report Service

We will compile for you a FREE report into your current communications set up with recommendations for reducing costs and improving service.

Reduce the Cost of Calls to Mobiles

Calls to mobiles are increasingly becoming the majority proportion of landline bills and we can reduce these by huge percentages by employing a variety of methods that suite your profile.

Landline Calls

Our landline and calls provider partners consistently pick up customer service awards whilst still giving much, much better rates than the larger mainstream and default providers – switch now to better service at better prices.

With free calls between sites, free calls to mobile from landline, free calls from mobile to landline and free calls from mobile to mobile we usually make a significant saving to our customers communications.

Reduce your Costs & Reduce your Carbon Footprint

With environmental awareness and rising energy costs now is a great time to look at upgrading you network switches. New equipment can improve your employees efficiency and lower your carbon footprint and more than pay for itself within its lifetime. Speak to us about any other requirements you have that may not be mentioned here, we are a very competitive and resourceful company.

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