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The Britelec Philosophy

“We don’t want to be the cheapest; we want to be the best!”

It’s not that we are expensive, we just believe that most of the time you get what you pay for! If it takes us a little longer to do something right it may cost a little more but it will be done properly and will be something we are proud of.

Take a phone system for example, the handset on the desk will be used lots of times everyday day for a long period of years. We label the system handsets professionally making the thing you use the most look its best, is clear to read and easier to use. Are your system phone buttons labelled clearly or scribbled on? Maybe they are blank?

Our basic user training is indeed basic, but it is never rushed, we take time to make sure the staff know the basics and are happy and comfortable using the system. We keep it simple and uncomplicated for most users so they aren’t trying to take too much in at once, of course any staff that want to use more advanced features are shown those too until they are comfortable using them as well and are more productive. It may take a little longer but we believe it is a worthwhile investment for all of us.

“We do not recommend a solution because it is cheap, our aim is to get value for the customer we recommend the solution that we believe to be the best, and most suitable for the job. Our installation costs may be higher than some; this is because we take the time to do things properly.

In the case of a telephone system installation for instance, that means labelling handsets, training the user until they are confident to work the new system, then returning for a refresher training session, these sessions cover things like adding speed dials or conference calling (for those that need to know how to use the added features.)

Many large network installation companies contract-out the installation stage and the contractor does everything in a whirlwind of activity and you never see them again.

The consequences can be:

  • • Phone systems not labelled properly or even at all
  • • Users not knowing what any of the buttons do and are scared to press them
  • • People trying to train themselves with the User Manual, and wasting valuable
      time and being non-productive.

We don't do it like that!

We do it with the customer in mind, enabling them to quickly become effective in the use of their new system, so that they feel comfortable in the use of the new system features to increase their productivity.”

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