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Audio Visual

Our experience with many schools and colleges long ago led us into the Audio Visual arena and now we are a leading expert in the field.

Many of our corporate clients now rely on us to provide their Audio Visual solutions when they come to re-fitting their meeting and board rooms. Our Audio Visual range includes:

Touch Screen Displays

We are installing more and more interactive touch screens these days, instead of a separate projector and interactive white board the all in one interactive screens give a much neater overall look with nothing hanging down of the ceiling and no cables coming down the wall, they offer lower installation costs and lower ongoing costs. They are very bright and clear as being a light source they are much brighter than a projected image. There are lots of options and sizes available please contact us to discuss your needs and options.

Short and Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Compact and unobtrusive, Short throw projectors allow you to have more space during your meeting and eliminate shadow effects caused by people and objects in front of the screen.

Long Throw Projectors

For bigger screens and greater distances including halls and large presentation areas these bigger units are designed for projecting clear bright and well contrasted images.

Interactive Whiteboards

For those involved in teaching, training or for general business applications, interactive whiteboards are a great way to improve audience interaction and make presentations more effective.

LED / LCD Wall Mount Screens

As costs tumble for large HD Visual Display screens they are now the popular choice not just in public areas but as a versatile alternative to a projectors in meeting and board rooms.

Digital Signage

Replacing the old pin board and providing the viewer with welcoming courtesy and corporate messages and vital information. Digital signage is now very popular in all business being a “live” product as the content can be frequently and easily updated.


Weather a fully amped mixing desk with multiple feeds for radio and lapel mics audio ins and outs and large wall mounted loudspeakers for theatre productions and presentations or just a couple of small ceiling mounted speakers we can provide the right solution just for you.

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